Autumn in party

  • JAVA 01

    JAVA 01

    Riding or walking, just do it with style.

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  • JAVA 02

    JAVA 02

    Is cowboys are heros, why can't you?

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  • CHEVY 01

    CHEVY 01

    All the power you can get from shoes. Unleash it.

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  • CHEVY 02

    CHEVY 02

    Kick the puddle. This is weather proof finesse.

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  • BLAZE 02

    BLAZE 02

    Sexyness level: superheroin!

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  • FAZED 01

    FAZED 01

    There's nothing like them.

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  • GENT 01

    GENT 01

    If you think great is not enough, what do you have to say about these?

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  • GENT 02

    GENT 02

    The exact opposite of regret.

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Walk in the countryside

Shinny Party



    Midnight blue, starlight spark. Some shoes were begging to be designed

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  • PISA 02

    PISA 02

    Winter can't take away the colors.

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  • PISA 03

    PISA 03

    The comfort of a hot drink with the sweetness of the cherry.

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  • BUFY 01

    BUFY 01

    Cold weather, warm heart. That's Bufy.

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  • SEVILHA 01

    SEVILHA 01

    A little bow is a big detail.

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  • SEVILHA 02

    SEVILHA 02

    Locked like a precious secret.

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  • SHINE 01

    SHINE 01

    They're happy to meet you too.

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  • SHINE 04

    SHINE 04

    No wonder if you feel special.

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Sweet Nostalgy

  • KINKY 01

    KINKY 01

    Matt gold is the new gold.

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  • GARDA 03

    GARDA 03

    Brings memories of warm drinks and it's just as comforting.

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  • MILAN 07

    MILAN 07

    You can't stay off of these blue suede shoes.

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  • MILAN 09

    MILAN 09

    We didn't invent these colors but where else can you find them?

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  • ESTORIL 01

    ESTORIL 01

    Boots were made for comfort. Power is just a side effect.

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  • ESTORIL 02

    ESTORIL 02

    Horses belong to the track, riders belong to the world.

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  • CASCAIS 01

    CASCAIS 01

    Sometimes the right bet is not on a horse.

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  • CASCAIS 03

    CASCAIS 03

    Unforgettable, like the first horse ride.

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Princess Look

Happiness Flavour

  • PICKY 01

    PICKY 01

    Sofistication is a science you can master.

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  • JEBEL 02

    JEBEL 02

    You feel like wearing them every day and feel like touching them all the time.

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  • JADE 01

    JADE 01

    Medals, belts and other treasures.

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  • JADE 05

    JADE 05

    Object of desire.

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  • DIZI 01

    DIZI 01

    Seem like you know them forever.

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  • DIZI 02

    DIZI 02

    There is no age to like vintage.

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  • FLUFY 01

    FLUFY 01

    Once you touch them, you need to have them.

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  • FLUFY 02

    FLUFY 02

    The shine of a precious metal and the touch of exclusiveness.

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Urban Glamour

Sweet Autumn

  • JACKY 01

    JACKY 01

    Shoes that are an event.

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  • JENY 04

    JENY 04

    Shines like jelly, feels even sweeter.

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  • BUFY 02

    BUFY 02

    You can only buy them now, but they'll still be cool in years.

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  • KINKY 02

    KINKY 02

    Say hello to matt silver: the tone for the fashion aware.

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  • BLAZE 01

    BLAZE 01

    The highway style.

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  • FAZED 02

    FAZED 02

    When bronze is not third best.

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  • YUMI 03

    YUMI 03

    True beauty never passes unnoticed. Go for the smooth tone.

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  • YUMI 05

    YUMI 05

    This is the colour of vanity. It's no shame that is suits you so well.

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Sweets Promotions

about us


We don’t mind working hard, but we also like to have fun. So after 40 years in the footwear business, designing and producing injected soles for all around the world, we’ve decided it was time to sell the product of our imagination. 
For a weekend we weren’t just a young creative team. We were people seeking a happiness formula. Spending quality time together and figuring out what we knew about joy. 

We played cool, brainstormed, fooled with words and rummaged our feelings to collect the flavors, the colors and the shapes of the simplest pleasures in life. In the end we’ve made shoes out of it.
Our shoes taste like the sweetest sweets: A feast of ice cream, jelly beans, gummy bears and popsicles. They sound like giggling and feel like a cuddle.
They smell like Lemon Jelly.


Picture an explosion of all the best feelings in life. Then imagine picking pieces of it and squeezing them into a concentrate of wonder. It will have friends, great escapes, summer outings, laughs, countryside smells, sea sprinkles, tight hugs, beach parties and glamorous city nights. That's Lemon Jelly!

Designed, developed and produced in Portugal, Lemon Jelly is a high-tech product that relies on human feeling for the choice of materials and in the attention to details. Lemon Jelly is colorful and reliable companion that will make your life easy squeezy lemon jelly.

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Dear friend, we are at you service, contact us and feel our freshness.

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